Author: Lillian George

Discover how to get credit for negatives

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If you are negative, but an emergency has arisen and you need money, know that you can get a loan. So we’ve separated the best options for you to get out of this situation: What are the credit options for negativado? When financial institutions, such as banks and lenders are being denied, become suspicious and […]

How to diversify a portfolio of peer-to-peer loans?

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  One of the fundamental principles in investing in peer-to-peer loans is to build a diversified portfolio At Nexoos, investors have the opportunity to create their own portfolio with the characteristics they want, tailoring their interests and risk appetite. But what is a “diversified portfolio”? Diversification in investment is nothing more than the application of […]

Obtaining a Reduced Interest Rate Loan Consolidation

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Debt consolidation is an easier solution to take advantage of a leaner monthly cost. To obtain a cheaper cost consolidation cost, the use of a simulator is imperative. What is the purpose of a debt consolidation simulator?   Using a credit redemption simulation site seems an important preliminary step to better consider the profitability to […]

Put an end to your worries and debts: Step 3

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The third step to end your debts Establish an action plan Have you defined your financial and personal goals? You know exactly where you want to go? From this essential base, you now need to establish an action plan to reach your goals. This is where our advisors come in and ensure that your plan […]