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Loan: Requirements for Access and Applied Rates

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  Are you a public worker or a public pensioner and do you need a loan or a mortgage? Do you need to know if you can get a loan? Is it possible for you to get a loan with this institution and what needs to be done to request it? With this guide you […]

Personal Loan: Features and Costs to Support

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The personal loan is a method of loan without purpose , in the sense that, contrary to what happens with the mortgage or with a financial one, the obtaining of the money is not bound to the purchase of a house or a certain good. This type of loan is the most free of those […]

Discover how to get credit for negatives

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If you are negative, but an emergency has arisen and you need money, know that you can get a loan. So we’ve separated the best options for you to get out of this situation: What are the credit options for negativado? When financial institutions, such as banks and lenders are being denied, become suspicious and […]

How to diversify a portfolio of peer-to-peer loans?

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  One of the fundamental principles in investing in peer-to-peer loans is to build a diversified portfolio At Nexoos, investors have the opportunity to create their own portfolio with the characteristics they want, tailoring their interests and risk appetite. But what is a “diversified portfolio”? Diversification in investment is nothing more than the application of […]

Loan 5000 Euro: Simulate Your Loan With Our Guide

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How can you manage to get a 5000 euro loan? Which way should you go to get the small loan and which are the most advantageous options to choose? In this guide of ours, how to obtain this sum by contacting this Group: we will see all the steps to follow. Here’s how to get […]