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If you are negative, but an emergency has arisen and you need money, know that you can get a loan. So we’ve separated the best options for you to get out of this situation:

What are the credit options for negativado?

Wallet no money

When financial institutions, such as banks and lenders are being denied, become suspicious and often refuse to lend to people in such conditions.

When these institutions agree to lend money, interest rates are generally higher. Therefore, we separate the types of loans that you can acquire:

1. Refinancing of property and vehicle

1. Refinancing of property and vehicle

One of the credit options for negatives, is to place a property or vehicle as collateral for payment. But, this asset must be removed and registered in the name of who is applying for the loan.

In this mode, some banks may require that part of the money borrowed be used to clear debts and to clear their name.

2. Pledge

If you need the money urgently, this is a great option. And there is no need to prove income and credit analysis.

In this option, you leave your property (jewels, watches, diamonds and valuables) with a financial or pawn house and receive 85% of the assessed value. The company gets your asset and you can only redeem when you pay the loan total (value received + interest).

The personal loan for negatives can be a way to pay off your debts at once.

The biggest disadvantage of the pledge is that the payment term is short, between 1 and 4 months. If you can not make the payment in this period, you will not be able to recover the asset. So one has to think hard about whether it will be possible to afford this commitment.

3. Payroll loan

This is a great option if you are working. Since the loan installments are discounted directly from the payroll, interest rates are generally lower than in other modalities.

It is worth mentioning that this type of loan needs to be well thought out, since the value of your salary will be lower during the payment of the installments.

But, not all financial institutions work with this type of loan for those who are negative.

4. Personal credit

Some fintechs offer personal credit to anyone who is negative.

In general interest rates are high and you have to make sure that you are doing a good deal before finalizing the application.

To do this, keep an eye on the CET value (Total Effective Cost) of the financial transaction. It will show the requested loan amount plus interest and financial transaction fees.

Companies that offer loans for negatives

Some companies work with credits for people with negative CPF, such as Simplic and Noverde .

Another option is the Low Interest company, which functions as an online simulator and offers more than 30 loan options for you to take out your debts quickly. Check the information on the website and make your simulation.

Is it worth borrowing, even if it is negative?

For those who are negative , high interest rates and the impossibility of negotiating payment (installments and interest rates) is a reality.

However, this can also be an opportunity to clear your name. Either by exchanging more expensive debt for cheaper debt or even taking some of the previous debts to the amount requested.

Calculator,loan application

You need to plan and control your finances when acquiring a loan.

Some care before applying for the loan

There are many companies that take advantage of people defaulting to apply scams. Therefore, it is essential to research hard on the company that will lend you the money. And be wary of proposals with very low interest rates and many payment facilities.

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How to diversify a portfolio of peer-to-peer loans? Tue, 12 Mar 2019 13:53:56 +0000


One of the fundamental principles in investing in peer-to-peer loans is to build a diversified portfolio

At Nexoos, investors have the opportunity to create their own portfolio with the characteristics they want, tailoring their interests and risk appetite.

But what is a “diversified portfolio”? Diversification in investment is nothing more than the application of the old concept “You should not put all the eggs in the same basket” that can be used in many aspects of our day-to-day life.

loan form

More objectively, at Nexoos, this means investing in a large volume of companies. We recommend at least 20 companies and ideally more than 40 companies to reduce risk exposure. And this works! 93% of our investors investing in 20 or more companies have an income above 160% of CDI.

It is important, however, to always balance risk and expected returns in every investment decision

Money investment

Thus, to mitigate risks, the investor needs to assess:

  1. The risk of the asset itself (probability of default in case of debt, probability of the price of a share or the value of a property decrease, among others);
  2. Influence of a new asset on the overall risk of its investment portfolio.

To reduce risk within a portfolio, it is important to seek assets whose performances are independent, that is, if an investment gives a problem does not mean that the rest of the portfolio will be impacted.

In addition, the investor can seek diversification by analyzing some aspects:

  • Type of investment (stocks, fixed income, peer-to-peer loan, real estate, among others);
  • In the specific case of Nexoos, it is also worth analyzing:
    • sector of activity of the company (s)
    • region of the company (s)
    • size of the company (s)

To help investors assess risk, Nexoos offers some indicators for investors:

  • Credit rating (AA to D3): to assist the investor in assessing the risk of the asset itself
  • Diversification index: Nexoos recommendation is to seek at least 95% in this indicator.
  • Maximum exposure percentage: indicates the loan / company that the investor is most concentrated in. The investor should seek the lowest concentration possible in the same loan / company.


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Obtaining a Reduced Interest Rate Loan Consolidation Wed, 30 Jan 2019 14:46:54 +0000

Debt consolidation is an easier solution to take advantage of a leaner monthly cost. To obtain a cheaper cost consolidation cost, the use of a simulator is imperative.

What is the purpose of a debt consolidation simulator?


Using a credit redemption simulation site seems an important preliminary step to better consider the profitability to reap the project. By using such a comparison tool, it will no longer be a difficult task for the borrower to find a transaction cost at the best rate and to compare file costs. redemption-of.crédit offers the possibility to all online applicants to find in more convenient conditions, a finer and more advantageous monthly payment.

By using an online simulator, all borrowers can consolidate their debts on their auto loans and consumer loans. They can comfortably compare the APR rate or the Global Effective Annual Rate, as well as evaluate the total cost of the loan.

The privileges of performing an online simulation


This redemption-credit simulator site is a tool for comparing offers and proposals for credit buy-backs and more accessible auto loans. By seeking his services, the interested person obtains in just a few clicks the right solutions more compatible with his profile and his budget. It is also a good interlocutor to put us in touch with the best banking partners. Did you know ? This simulator brings together nearly 27 lenders. Thus, hunting at the lowest cost of consolidation will be more convenient and more enviable.

Apart from its more pleasant accessibility, the use of this website comparator is 100% free. No hidden fees or illegal payments. Its ethical principle is based primarily on fairness, impartiality and traceability. Its use makes refinancing negotiations more conducive, and allows all applicants to benefit from a reduced interest rate of less than 60%. Without having to move from home, borrowers will be able to compare offers of credit buyback offers from their Smartphone. Solicitors grouping loans that use the simulation services on this site are also safe from scams. All information collected is analyzed by loan buy-back experts, provided that the claimant provides real information.

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Put an end to your worries and debts: Step 3 Tue, 22 Jan 2019 15:50:09 +0000

The third step to end your debts

The third step to end your debts.

Establish an action plan

Have you defined your financial and personal goals? You know exactly where you want to go?

From this essential base, you now need to establish an action plan to reach your goals. This is where our advisors come in and ensure that your plan is feasible and especially adapted to your current financial situation.

First, get off to a good start!

Before considering your medium and long-term goals, consider your goals in the short term. These should not be too ambitious because you may then give up or get discouraged quickly. If your month ends are currently difficult and your debt ratio is important, the objectives and actions implemented will be aimed primarily at returning to a balanced budget. By paying off your creditors, you will end their incessant phone calls and gain peace of mind! Living in correct conditions, without anxiety the next day, is already a great challenge!

A budget reorganization, avoiding unnecessary expenses, can sometimes be enough to achieve a balance. Other solutions also exist if your situation is more critical: negotiation with creditors, consolidation of loan, voluntary deposit, consumer proposal or even bankruptcy. Our advisors will guide you to the most appropriate solution for your current financial situation so that you can make a fresh start.

Then put money aside

Then put money aside ...

Once your budget is balanced, in order to achieve your medium and long-term goals, you need to adopt an investment strategy. If you want to save for an unforeseen expense, turn to secure investments that leave your money available at all times, but which, in return, have a low return, such as bonds. On the contrary, if you are already thinking about your old age, you will opt for a high-yield but blocked investment type registered retirement savings plan. There is a wide range of available investments and our advisors, through their knowledge of management and finance, will be able to offer you an effective personalized strategy.

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