Loan 5000 Euro: Simulate Your Loan With Our Guide

How can you manage to get a 5000 euro loan? Which way should you go to get the small loan and which are the most advantageous options to choose?

In this guide of ours, how to obtain this sum by contacting this Group: we will see all the steps to follow. Here’s how to get the perfect little loan for you!

How to get the 5000 euro loan

How to get the 5000 euro loan

If you need to apply for a 5000 euro loan to solve some small problems or make some purchases, you can choose between different options. First of all, we recommend requesting a quote, and as you read on, you will find out what to do.

To request a loan from 5000 euros in general there are not too restrictive parameters as for the highest figures. Allows you to get a loan quickly and without too many problems, especially if the small loan is requested online via PC or even through the convenient.

With a simple click you can then get the loan. In about 48 hours from the online request, you get the money directly to the account. To calculate the online payment just make a quote, enter your details, the amount requested and the number of installments in which you decide to repay the amount, in the appropriate post. The quote is free and is in no way binding.

Through an online quote you can get an idea about the amount of the expense and the cost of the installments to be paid each month. With the budget, we will also be able to orient ourselves about the repayment duration for the loan.

Remember that the more the installments to pay for the repayment of the loan, the more the installment goes down, but the interest goes up obviously. For this reason, we advise you to make a careful assessment also on the duration of the payment to avoid wasting money on interest.

To find out about the features of a 5000 euro loan without surprises, we advise you to request an appointment at the branch for a specially trained representative.

The necessary guarantees for the 5000 euro loan

The necessary guarantees for the 5000 euro loan

For every type of loan, there are guarantees to give, the guarantees are the same even for those who have been protested, for those who do not have a pay slip and also for those on the bad payer list. The guarantees for requesting the loan are:

  • The pay packet : which allows you to have the loan quickly as it is the most solid guarantee, with the pay packet you also have advantageous rates;
  • The guarantee of a third party : the third party acts as guarantor and must be able to act as a guarantee, it can be a parent, a friend or even a relative. The terso can become the manager instead of the applicant;
  • Pension : good as a guarantee, but   the duration and number of installments may change depending on the age of the subject;
  • The salary assignment : which generally also allows those who need the loan to have it even if they find themselves in spite of themselves registered in the list of bad payers or even if it is protested. The sum to be returned each month will be deducted from the salary and advantageous rates can also be obtained.

What do you need to get the loan?

What do you need to get the loan?

To get the 5000 euro loan with you need to provide:

  • An identity document;
  • The pay slip or the last tax return (for the self-employed) or the pension slip.

The documents to have are the same even for those who have been protested and for those who are on the list of bad payers. You don’t need to bring other documents with you, since the institute will take care of the rest.


In general, if the loan request is submitted online, it can be obtained in 48 hours from the opening of the file. You can even borrow directly from your smartphone using the app.

In the event that the loan is requested at the branch, the person in charge will indicate to the applicant what the average waiting time is for having the loan on the account. We remember that every case is different and that both the times and the interests can change.

Interest payable


It is possible to know immediately from the online quote, as well as from the estimate made in the branch, what are the interests then the TAN and the APR.

The TAN is the actual interest rate , while the APR is the summary total cost of the loan. The APR is therefore the cost of all the commissions that must be paid for the request for a loan.

We therefore recommend carefully checking both the TAN and the APR to find the most suitable ones.

The 5000 euro loan for protested individuals

Not all banks have institutions that allow you to have a loan if you have been protested or if it is on the list of bad payers, to know if Agos gives you the possibility of having a loan, we recommend asking detailed information in a branch to a person in charge .

The person in charge will then evaluate the financial situation and decide whether or not to consent to the loan.

One way to get the loan requested even if you have been protested or branded as a bad payer, is to give the salary- backed loan as a guarantee.

With the transfer of the fifth as a guarantee, it is generally possible to obtain the loan, to have repayment plans of up to 10 years and to obtain more advantageous interest rates.

Possibility for temporary workers

Possibility for temporary workers

Even for temporary workers there is the possibility to request and obtain a loan of 5000 euros. The important thing is that additional guarantees are provided.

It is therefore necessary that the number of installments to be repaid does not exceed the remaining months of the work contract.

The other conditions to be met in order to have the loan are the same for both temporary workers and those with permanent jobs.