Loan: Requirements for Access and Applied Rates


Are you a public worker or a public pensioner and do you need a loan or a mortgage? Do you need to know if you can get a loan?

Is it possible for you to get a loan with this institution and what needs to be done to request it?

With this guide you will discover all the steps to take to get the loan. Here’s what you need to do to receive it!

How to get a loan


At the moment there are two different types of loans made available by this institution, namely:

  • loans disbursed by the social security institution;
  • loans granted by banks and financial companies in agreement

For loans issued there are subsidized rates but the sum is tied to the availability of funds. They can get these amounts:

  • workers and pensioners who are enrolled in the Public Employees Management;
  • public employees and pensioners belonging to other administrations and registered in the Credit Fund;
  • those enrolled in the Magistral Assistance Management (formerly ENAM);
  • employees of companies belonging to the Poste Italiane Group.

Public pensioners are allowed to apply for loans even with the assignment of a fifth of the pension. Here are the different types of INPDAP loans:

  • small  Loan: now Small Loan Public Management;
  •  loans for State Teachers: that is, the former which provides teachers and teachers with a small loan with a fixed rate of 1.50% and repayment in maximum 24 monthly installments;
  • multi-year direct loans: with a duration of 5 or 10 years, with 60 or 120 installments. The interest rate is 3.50%;
  • Guaranteed Multi-year loans : a subsidized loan reserved for public employees provided by banks and financial institutions that have an agreement. 

To learn about all the features of a loan, we recommend that you ask for an appointment in an office to understand the various steps.

The social security institution also allows you to apply for a loan to employees and public pensioners since October 2015. It allows you to request up to € 300,000 both for the purchase and for the construction of a home as a first home.

If you are enrolled in the unitary management of the credit and social services of you can also request up to 150,000 euros to perform maintenance or renovation work on the first home. You can also apply for a loan of up to 75,000 euros to build or buy a garage or parking space.

Mortgages are either fixed rate or variable rate . The installments to be paid are six-monthly and the payment is made through an MAV newsletter. Also in this case the disbursement of the loans is directly influenced by the funds available.

For the request for loans, a ranking is drawn up according to the applications submitted. The institution makes available on the online site all the information necessary to understand how to apply for a loan or a mortgage.

The guarantees required for the loan

The guarantees required for the loan:

  • the pension : a guarantee for the loan in which the duration and the number of installments to be repaid can change according to the age of the applicant;
  • the pay slip : a solid guarantee that allows you to have advantageous rates;
  • the salary assignment : the sum will be deducted directly from the salary or from the pension.

We recommend that you ask if there are other possible guarantees to provide for a loan.

What you need to get the loan

What you need to get the loan

To obtain the loan it is necessary to provide at the time of the request:

  • a valid identity document;
  • the pay slip, or the pension.

The affiliated bank will take care of the remaining documents. For any doubts about the documentation to be provided, we advise you to ask for help from a person in charge at an office or to call directly the office of competence closest to you.

Times to get the money

A representative will indicate the waiting times for obtaining the loan. Each type of loan is different and has different waiting times and interests. To find out about waiting times and rates, we recommend asking a representative for help.

In general, loans are obtained in a short time, but we remind you that both the amount and the waiting times are tied to the availability of the institution’s cash. We advise you to check the location closest to you online to talk to a representative.

Interest payable

To know the interest rate to be paid monthly, it is possible to read the forms on the website or use the online quote. The quote can also be requested in an office and is not binding as well as being completely free.

The estimate allows knowing the TAN and the APR or the TAN interest rate and the APR which it is the synthetic total cost of the loan with the cost of the commissions to be paid. Paying attention to the TAN and the APR helps you choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Interest rates may vary each year. By visiting the website you can view all the information relating to the interest rates for loans relating to the current year and the different type of loan.

The loan for protested subjects


We cannot guarantee that the institution will give a loan to bad payers and protested, but a way to get money and give a fifth of the salary as a guarantee.

Requesting information from a person in charge in a branch is a useful way of understanding whether will grant the loan or not. The person in charge will take care of studying the situation of the applicant.

In general, the salary assignment also helps those who are in the list of bad payers or those who have been protested in loan applications. The sale of the fifth allows for reduced interest rates.