Best personal finance apps for clueless millennials

Millennials, avocado toast, bad drinking habits, blah blah blah. At this point, the dead horse was completely beaten up and shipped to the glue factory.

Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 knows full well that millennials have a bad reputation when it comes to personal finance – like if we *want* lifelong student loan debt, a housing affordability crisis, or a gigs in which well-paying jobs with benefits are essentially unicorns.

… But we digress. The thing is, millennials are actually quite clever when it comes to money management and financial planning, or at least a lot more than most people realize. We budget and save almost as much as baby boomers, and more than half of us have a savings goal. (The same can’t be said for older generations.) Also, we can spot a bad value a mile away – sorry, napkins – and we know a scam when we see one. (To see: the diamond industry, marriage.)

Still, there’s always room for improvement in terms of setting and maintaining your long-term financial goals. Maybe you’re fresh out of college and struggling to create a budget for yourself, or need help opening an investment account. Maybe you want to explore the crypto market. Heck, maybe your checking account (still) needs some serious TLC after last year’s Black Friday sales.

Whatever you need and what your hard-earned money needs, there’s probably an app for it. We’ve scoured the internet and app store reviews to compile the following list of 11 best financial apps, at least one of which will make your financial life a lot easier. Thanks, technology!

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