Betting choices for Monday’s group stage matches

The final round of Euro 2020 group stage matches continues on Monday as groups B and C come to a close. We’ve got the betting tips you need – use it or go away – for these three games as we battle a crunch at the start of the week.

With 16 teams qualifying in the 24-team tournament, the top four third-place teams from the six groups will advance to the knockout stage.

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Group C classification

Netherlands, 6 points

Ukraine, 3 points

Austria, 3 points

North Macedonia, 0 points

Ukraine vs. Austria


Ukraine (+250)

Austria (+280)

Tie (-105)

Above / Below: 1.5 goals

It’s not often that you see equality as the preferred outcome of a football game. But he has the lowest odds as Ukraine and Austria should safely advance to the round of 16 with a tie. Both teams will have four points if they draw one way or another, and that’s also why the over / under is so low. If this game has a winner, the winner will be guaranteed to advance to the knockout rounds as at least second in the group.

Official selections

Ukraine wins (+250)

Less than 1.5 goals (+120)

Daring bet

Ukraine wins 1-0 (+675)

North Macedonia vs. Netherlands

Noon ET, ESPN2

North Macedonia (+1050)

Netherlands (-350)

Tie (+425)

Above / Below: 3.5 goals

This game features the highest plus / minus in the tournament so far. The Netherlands have scored five goals in two games while North Macedonia has allowed five goals in two games. Add in an average of 3.5 goals per game so far and you’ve got such a high total. The Netherlands are clearly the big favorites here and should be heading for victory. But the odds of this game could change late here depending on the lineups. With a three-goal advantage in the goal differential, the Netherlands are in control of the squad safely and can afford to give up some extra playing time.

Official selections

Netherlands to win (-350)

Less than 3.5 goals (-175)

Daring bet

Netherlands to win 2-0 (+625)

Group B classification

Belgium, 6 points

Russia, 3 points

Finland, 3 points

Denmark, 0 point

Finland v Belgium

3 p.m. ET, ESPN2

Finland (+950)

Belgium (-300)

Tie (+375)

Above / Below: 2.5 goals

Finland would like to score a point to advance to the round of 16, while Belgium win the group with a draw. This appears to be the second game most likely to end in a tie, although the odds don’t reflect it. Belgium are clearly the better team, but there isn’t much incentive to give their all for a win here.

Official selections

Tie (+375)

Less than 2.5 goals (-110)

Daring bet

1 – 1 draw (+875)

Russia vs. Denmark

3 p.m. ET, ESPN

Russia (+400)

Denmark (-145)

Tie (+280)

Above / Below: 2.5 goals

Denmark need a win to have a chance to advance. Russia need a win because a tie doesn’t help their goal differential enough to advance to the round of 16. It could be a game that ends as both teams have to go to have any chances of qualifying for the round of 16.

Official selections

Denmark to win (-145)

Over 2.5 goals (-115)

Daring bet

Denmark to win 2-1 (+750)

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