Buckeyes in a waiting game

Buckeyes in a waiting game

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The Ohio State football team are waiting to hear the decision of the top rookie JT Tuimoloau following a visit to Ohio State and Oregon.

There’s nothing more that than the Ohio State football program can do.They pitched their pitch and also hosted their meet together with JT Tuimoloau.They feel confident about the way they presented themselves and what they did to convince JT to sign up to play for Columbus.

All that’s left to do is to await the Buckeyes.After Tuimoloau has canceled her visit to Alabama and it seems that she went into Oregon in addition to Ohio.The Ohio state Ohio is confident, and it should however Oregon has something to offer and the states of Ohio isn’t able to offer.

One of the best things is the fact that Oregon is a lot closer to his home.Tuimoloau has a close relationship with his parents.His parents weren’t happy about the possibility that Tuimoloau could play away from his home.Tuimoloau is from Washington and Oregon is definitely closer.

Oregon also is home to Kayvon Thibodeaux.He may be the first pick during the NFL Draft next year.Being able to have such a talented players on the team at the same spot as Tuimoloau is an attractive attraction.This shows that Oregon does a great job in creating their players.

If you’re looking for an institution with an established track record of creating defensive ends Look no further than Ohio State.They have Brothers Bosa along with Chase Young to nominate.They were all extremely good college players and have become great professional players.

We’ll just have to watch until Tuimoloau’s decision is made to do.He’s in control and will be able to make a decision quite quickly.I’d be surprised to find out he wasn’t able to make a decision by July 1st, so he can join and change things up by signing up for whatever program he decides to use.

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