Competitive spirit helping Irish gel in spring training

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – Spring training continued Saturday for the Notre Dame football team.

With an almost entirely new coaching staff, many players and coaches still have an idea of ​​the full potential of this year’s team.

New receivers coach Chansi Stuckey recognizes that there are high expectations at the University of Notre Dame, and he’s not shy about doing so.

“The main thing is competition,” says Stuckey. “Everything we do here is about competition. You know, we had something today where we were competing to see who could drink the Gatorade the fastest. And it was intense. You know what I mean? These are the details. I want to be competitive in everything I do. It’s who I am as a coach; I’m not just competing against myself, I’m putting a target on my back that I’m competing against everyone in the country right now. For example, who is the best wide receiver coach.

“So I take that mentality into the boardroom, try to pass it on to my guys and try to bring it out here on the pitch,” he continued. “I want to be the best and I want these guys to be the best. If I’m at my best, it gives them the opportunity to succeed.

First-year head coach Marcus Freeman emphasized the importance of team success while considering the competitive nature of spring training.

“There’s nothing more important – I say this every day – there’s nothing more important than this football team and you doing it at the University of Notre Dame,” Freeman says. “We all have our own selfish goals and for them to continue to understand that team success is going to come from individual success. So keep working to be the best version of yourself, but understand that it’s It’s always about the team and what we can do to be the best team we can be.

The spring training season will continue until the Blue-Gold Game on April 23.

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