Premier League top flight with new move to stop Newcastle United owners from competing

The owners of Newcastle United have just celebrated their first birthday.

In 17 days it will be one year since the consortium received the keys to St James’ Park from Mike Ashley.

Once the takeover was finally approved, we quickly saw various moves from the Premier League top flight to try and sabotage the new owners of Newcastle United’s chances of competing in years to come, potentially breaking up the current six clubs dominating money and influence, with the rest just there to make up the numbers.

We now have a new initiative from the self-proclaimed Premier League top flight, which will be part of a meeting of all 20 PL clubs on Wednesday.

The meeting is supposed to be mainly to consider plans on how to give additional funding to lower league clubs, with the government warning the Premier League that it must agree a deal whereby significantly more money (from hundreds of millions of pounds) is cleared to sink. to the lower leagues, or else the Premier League faces the prospect of being forced to do so by legislation if it does not implement acceptable new funding.

The temperature report that the EFL have made it clear they want an extra £250million.

However, they say Premier League clubs will wait and see what happens now that there has been a change of Prime Minister. If an independent regulator for football will happen, as recommended/demanded in Tracey Crouch’s independent football review, and of course if the government will now stick to this plan of forcing the Premier League to allow more funding to go to clubs below the top level.

Of more/specific interest to Newcastle United owners and club fans, the Premier League top flight are looking to push forward a decision that would see restrictions on transfer spending and wages for the first time (and agent fees), only allowed to spend on these areas as a percentage of income.

This move would massively reinforce the advantages of the current Premier League elite over those clubs, Newcastle United in particular, who are trying to compete and break up this self-proclaimed elite. Those with the much larger current income are obviously looking to keep it that way, now introducing these measures which would seriously prevent Newcastle United owners from trying to close the gap by spending wages and transfer fees on top players. .

Among other proposals on the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting, The Times says parachute payments to clubs relegated from the Premier League would be greatly reduced.

During domestic cup competitions, there are plans to remove FA Cup replays in the third and fourth rounds. Although even more important, the Premier League’s elite want to ensure that PL clubs in European competition do not have to play in the League Cup, or failing that, are allowed to play their under-15 team. 21 years in the competition. This move purported to reduce the demands of a hectic fixture schedule, but you just know that if that happened the self-proclaimed elite would then simply use the new gaps in their schedule to make more money via lucrative friendlies/appearances in the whole world. .

As always you just know that when major changes try to be forced through the ‘big six’ of the Premier League, it’s never for the good of football, or even for the good of the Premier League, just to try and improve their income and power. They have of course proven that in these shocking attempts to steal football completely forever, by first trying to give themselves far greater and controlling voting powers over the rest of the PL clubs and then trying to form a European super league with their buddies on the continent. , which would mean they wouldn’t even have to qualify for European competition and would have made the Premier League virtually redundant.

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