President of Partizan: “We have a bigger audience than our football club” / News

Partizan NIS Belgrade announced the sale of season tickets yesterday. Hoping to attract fans from various walks of life, ticket prices sometimes vary dozens of times.

Subscription prices range from 13,000 Serbian Dinars (~€110) to 98,000 Serbian Dinars (~€830) for Premium seats. With a hospitality package included, the most expensive seats at the edge of the courtyard go up to 470,000 Serbian dinars (~€4,000). All subscriptions include EuroLeague, ABA League and Serbian Basketball League matches.

“Today we officially announced ticket prices for next season, and I can say that we have also made sure that fans who are not in an exceptional financial situation can buy a season ticket,” said the club general manager Ostoja Mijailovic after the announcement. . “We are selling nearly 6,000 tickets with a price which, when you divide by the number of matches, you get just over 300 dinars per match.”

“I think we are the only basketball club in the world that is part of a sports club and has a bigger audience than a football club,” the general manager said.

Recently, Mijailović questioned the working principles of the parent organization, saying that with proper management, all other sections of the club could live off the income from football. His comments even deserved an official response from the head of the entire organization at the time.

The main administrative manager of the team pointed out one more thing – there will be no more free tickets given out. Even the club’s most notorious fans, the southern stand, agreed to pay top dollar for their tickets, an uncommon feat for Serbian clubs.

“I want us to reach a record number of tickets sold, we will all be very happy if we sell more than 10,000 subscription tickets. I think we can reach this number and thus break the EuroLeague record this season” , explained Mijailovic.

Notably, Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv recently announced the sale of all 10,000 pre-season subscriptions.

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