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The Rugby Football League has approved the game-wide introduction of mouthguards that could detect whether or not a player is at risk for concussion or head injury. The guards, which were tested by Leeds Rhinos this year, will arrive next season and could provide a better understanding of when an individual is in danger by measuring with the help of sensors the strength of each collision they experience during a match.

Super League clubs have unanimously backed the introduction of the guards, but the Guardian has now learned that the RFL has made the decision to adopt them more widely as part of its Tackle initiative. The Women’s Super League, the rugby academy and community play will all benefit from the rollout, which was developed in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University to try and improve overall player safety.

Concussion is a priority in the rugby league, especially given the news that a group of former international players are considering legal action against sports authorities for failing to adequately protect them from long-term neurological injuries. term resulting from playing the game. Former Leeds captain Stevie Ward announced his retirement from the sport at the age of 27 in January due to persistent concussion-related symptoms.

“The guards measure the head’s acceleration profile and track head impact and rotational force,” Professor Ben Jones, who works for the Rhinos and helped lead the study, told The Guardian. Other governing bodies such as the World Rugby Union have introduced mouthguards, but Jones insists the rugby league is breaking down barriers by rolling out the concept across an entire sport, including professional and amateur games. the same time.

Jones added that the mouthguards “were initially coming out throughout the Super League, but the RFL are committed to rolling them out throughout the game. It’s completely comprehensive. Super League clubs have helped put it out. lead and they understand that the safety of their players is greater than winning a game on the weekend. They should be commended for that. They have been through a lot, but they understand that the well-being and safety of their players are top priority.

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“I think other great governing bodies will follow. The rugby league strives to take care of everyone at once. I would say that the commitment of the rugby league in this regard is proof that they are determined to look after their players to the best of their ability. “

Jones also insisted that as scientific research on concussions and head injuries deepens, other initiatives may become available to offer more protection. “I think the rugby league is ahead of what it used to be, like all sport in general,” he said. “You can’t just extract evidence, it has to accumulate over the years. Every six months is better than the previous six months. Scientific evidence evolves over time and these guards are proof of that. “


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