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Sportsflare provides a suite of esports betting products and technologies for betting operators. iGB spoke with its founder and CPO, Kenny Jang.

iGB: What is Sportsflare?
Kenny Jang: Sportsflare is the betting division of Tidal Gaming Group, an esports platform company operating in betting, content, competition and media. As a startup, we work with sports betting and gaming related companies on innovative and ultimately attractive products for the end customer. We offer a wide range of products ranging from an esports, betbuilder, widgets and insights feed of odds, to our new Bet-on-Yourself infrastructure, which allows casual gamers to place bets on their own games for the very first time. .

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iGB: Who is your esports betbuilder, and how does he add value to esports betting operators?
K J : Unique in the industry, our Betbuilder is a betting tool that allows bettors to create a single bet consisting of many correlated markets within a single match with increased odds. Correct pricing of dependencies is only possible thanks to our many underlying machine learning and statistics models. From our research, we know that esports bettors are strong supporters of their favorite professional players, so we’ve worked hand-in-hand with punters to create a range of player performance markets such as “the most”. singular or combined bet with more traditional markets such as H2H winner via our Betbuilder. By using our Betbuilder, betting operators can allow customers to put their knowledge to the test, offering unlimited market combinations for any esports match at a great price.

Bet builders are generally very attractive products in traditional sports due to the high margins and customer involvement. Traders can expect to use our version with margins above 15% which significantly outperforms single bets. Through our pilot projects with various bookmakers, we have managed to increase both pre-match betting volume and turnover by over 30%.

iGB: What are micromarkets, and how do they add value to esports betting operators?
K J : The esports micro-markets are something that I personally consider to be one of the most exciting developments in the industry. Micro-markets are “ultra-alive” in the sense that betting markets are created for almost all in-game action throughout a live esports match, rather than the end result of the game. For example , Sportsflare’s micro-markets cover a wide range of positional markets such as “where will the next kill happen?” And “The Next Round to Fall” so anyone who logs in to a live match can engage in this new play by play betting format. Esports micro-markets are a fast second-screen experience that will transform the user experience of the live esports betting we know today.

Sportsflare’s micro-markets add unparalleled value to operators by simply providing bettors with more betting opportunities throughout a given esport event. For example, we are able to produce over 4000 markets for a single CS: GO match and over 1500 markets for a single match for League of Legends and Dota2. This means that over a calendar year, the operators offering our micro-markets will have essentially provided their users with over one million additional in-game betting opportunities. With micro-markets, sports betting operators can offer the ability to bet, settle and repeat this cycle hundreds of times in a single live match.

iGB: Where do you see esports betting in the next 3-5 years?
K J : With an esports fan base growing rapidly year on year and representing an increasingly significant amount of grips, operators have realized the importance of having a strong esports offering. It will only get worse. There are nearly three billion players worldwide, and only a fraction of those players engage in eSports betting today. I think forward-thinking operators will seek to make their business more sustainable by finding ways to target the huge opportunity that resides in the gamer population. Personally, I think esports won’t be just another sport on a bookmaker’s list. It will be a dedicated portal or sub-brand to attract this very different audience. The products that work for sports betting today can be disrupted by new betting experiences that are not possible in traditional sports.

Sportflare’s Bet-on-Yourself product is gaining a lot of attention right now, and I think this is a testament to the direction of growth in the industry. Operators are realizing that by lowering the barrier to esports betting through a medium that players are familiar with, they gain access to a lucrative and untapped new market. While players may be hesitant to bet on outcomes over which they have no control (such as in regular sports betting), players will be happy to bet on the outcome of their own games of Fortnite, FIFA, or Mario Kart. In addition, these types of products can also be offered as a free customer acquisition mechanism.

I hope to see a lot of innovation in the industry over the next few years. As a team, Sportsflare will remain focused on delivering revolutionary products to advance the sports betting industry for operators and consumers.

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